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An expression (verb) used when in high spirits to illustrate a person is in the process of 'loving life'. The phrase can be used in casual conversation or as a declaration in it's own right. Use of the remark in daily life ranges from airing a person's feelings of happiness to using the term as a catchphrase when in a state of euphoria. When used online on social networking sites the spelling 'lovin lyf' is often taken.
Jack: I just bought this top for £2.

Jack: Are you loving life?
Jamie: Yes.

Jamie: We're going to this cool party tonight...
by wwbcdic September 27, 2011
A generic verb used to describe overall promiscuous/risky behavior by newly-single girls who have apparently gone off the deep-end upon breaking off their prior relationship. Generally entails sleeping around, hanging out with dude bros, being drunk and/or high on pills most hours of the day. Often associated as being a primary interest/activity of the D.S.B.
She says she's 'loving life', but what she really means is that she's into being a dirty whore these days.
by zheroen July 01, 2010
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