To express fondness. Like its etymological sister, hardxcore, the "x" is not pronounced.
"Stace-face, I totally lovexcore that denim you be rockin'."
by Nic da BALizzle May 25, 2006
Top Definition
A section of the emotive hardcore community that is more obssesed with love/broken hearts than the rest of the scene.Are considered poseurs by real scene kids.Often are over emotional. The kids who come into the scene and think that we act like over emotional douchebags and cry every 5 seconds.POSEURS!
real scene kid: "Oh my gosh, look at that lovexcore kid trying to be scene."

lovexcore kid:" You hurt my feelings! now nobody will love me anymore! I can never be happy again! *fake cries*"

real scene kid:" what a poseur...*walks away*"
by Raven Nightmare November 28, 2007
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