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To love someone or something in a confusing way.

I Loveum you girl.
She will loveum you always.
Is it true you loveum alot?
by Dynasty Dancer January 17, 2008
32 3
To have passion for, to care, or to love someone or something without knowning how, or why, but you still love them anyways.

Used to replace, "I Like You" , or "I Love You"
to show more passion then " I like you" and doesn't scare off the person like "I love You"
John loveums Jill a lot.
We loveum each other everyday.
William Hung loveums music, but many people do not loveum his.
Joy loveums Sandy's brother.
I loveum you, and thats the truth.
I dreamt that you loveumed me, is that true?
Hi, I'm Mr.Right, I heard you loveum me.
OMFG Jessica! How could you loveum him! Only I can loveum him!
I loveumly loveum you till you loveum me as we loveum each other when our loveum is over.
by Dynasty Blade February 11, 2008
19 4