Someone who pretends to be kind and loving just to be cool and to disguise the fact that he or she is completely narcissistic and self centered.
The lovester at the party that stroked your ego and told you you were so wonderful and talented, just stole your script idea and got a development deal.
by sam&steve September 01, 2012
Top Definition
(n.) A person in love. Particularly, a person who is in love with another lovester.

(n.) A person's love.
(n.) Boyfriend, girlfriend, sexer.
(n.) A loved one you are frustrated with, but you love dearly.
What? What are you doing? Ugh, you're just a .... LOVESTER.
You're my world, you're my lovester.
You can be my dearest love, you're my lovester.
by Davesosaucy July 24, 2014
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