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semen, sauce, lovejuice
After jerking me off for ten minutes, I proceeded to expel my lovesnot all over her face.
by JCS Bricks August 20, 2004
2 0
Mariella looked deep in to Charles' eyes, he grasped her in his manly arms and proceeded to shoot love snot into her hair.
by Saoirse September 01, 2003
11 2
Please put your hand in my underpants and jiggle it around until I produce love snot. Thanks, Simon.
by Ian Chode April 08, 2003
6 2
love snot means cum/sperm, a snot like substance used when making love ;)
"I am going to sneeze some love snot on your vagina with my pork sword"
by Declan 'love snot' Kenny March 06, 2009
6 8