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Not to be confused with morbid obesity or the more commonly known love handle, the love-railing is a single, unified, full-on midsection extension of flab that connects existing love handles together around the lower stomach and the back, providing 360 degrees of access to a secure lovemaking grip-hold, regardless of position. (Primarily relevant to the sexually non-selective)
Emory: Wow, judging by your screams it sounded like that fat chick you took home from the bar last night really worked you over good, huh?

Oglethorpe: You have no idea. I spent the entire night clinging for dear life to her love-railing, praying to God for it to be over.
by Skip Skipstofferson February 15, 2011
When some one who is on the larger side of the scales and their love handles have gotten to big and turned into 'love railings'
Niki: I hate my love handles
Sam: Gurl, have you seen how large I am, meet my love railings!
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