when you cum inside a girls cunt, you fill a condom with your shit and watch her fuck it until it breaks.
man, you should've seen the love dump i gave her last night.
by Dongzilla February 16, 2005
Top Definition
A shorter way of saying love dumpling. It does not have anything to do with deficating on a sexual partner. Seriously. Stop reporting my name.
Birdie is my lovedump.

it is NOT the following:

Dude, she totally got up after riding me and took a love dump on my chest.
by Lovedump September 15, 2006
What do you do when you've split up with someone.
To quote Static-X:

I really hate you!
Love dumpling
Now my bowels ache, yeah!
by Jibberwocker April 30, 2007
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