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within certain circles of middle school girls and older homosexual males, this is the throw-off, insincere closing to a superficial conversation. anyone with an ounce of sense realizes that it means nothing, as anyone who says "love ya" and means it - only "love YOU" means anything.
Caitlyn: Thanks so much for buying me this Prada purse! It goes great with my Fendi glasses.
Bridgette: Oh, you're totally welcome. Talk to you later! Love ya, mean it!
by Twelve year-old girl May 18, 2004
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Heard often on the Bob and Tom syndicated radio broadcast. Callers will say it as a funny way to sound that they are earnest. Another similar saying is "Love ya, love your show"
"Well, I've got to go now. Love ya -mean it!"
by spotteddogman May 20, 2004
I love you darling i mean it
Bitch hurry up and leave.
by planb May 18, 2004
it means that you love somone and you mean it it is not just a love ya like platonic but it is actual love
Antonio i love ya, mean it!
by Elliteprep May 18, 2004
Usually said by fairy men and sissy women denoting just how gay they are. IN their homosexual fourth parallel dimension, this phrase means, "I love you, and I truly mean it byb telling you...I love you...I am not lying to you honey...I really mean that I love you snuckems." Pretty gay huh? That is why we must kill those eho speak this's a conspiracy, these fags are trying to gather up their army of faggots and overrule the world turning it's pitiful weak minded humans into queer zombie folk. Just like the rise of Christianity and the Atkins Low Carb Diet. Stupid weak minded fools...
"Love ya mean it"-says the faggot named Greg
"you too honey. We need to talk. I am leaving you because your are obviously homosexual and homos don't do women."-says the girlfriend.
by Shanomac May 20, 2004

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