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A large group of people having sex in a line. Very modern.
Me: "Hey who's up for a love train?"
You: "I know I am!"
Everyone else: "ME TOO!"
by Lovely Lauren August 12, 2004
23 15
A stud on top of his game. He is so cool and popular with the ladies they form a line all for a chance..a chance to take a ride on the Lovetrain.
Brian had so many girls on him last night he looked like a lovetrain.
by Don Mentionit April 08, 2008
6 3
A line of latvian meer cats linking tails whilst having sex, thus resproducing at a world record breaking rate. Usually to the tune of 'Holidays are coming'.
Fo' Shizzle my < love train > nizzle
by Tomás March 27, 2003
9 22