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cum, sperm, man juice, i could go on
Man this girl really loved my love nectar so she sucked me dry
by Manny February 22, 2004
Ejaculatory fluid. Can be male or female. Works amazingly as an ingredient for baking cookies.
Anna: How are you're cookies, Okuma-kun?
You see... I, umm...
I enriched your cookies with the flavor of "love."

Kajou: Uh... Anna?

Anna: I made a discovery.
When my feelings of love for Okuma-kun reach their peak, the feelings deep within my body turn to liquid and flow out!
I have named this discharge: "Love Nectar"!
I would be honored, Okuma-kun, if you would partake of it!
Your cookies... have my Love Nectar mixed into the dough!

Okuma: -screams-
by tickle ur pickle October 18, 2015
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