A boy; scruffy and perhaps "not presentable" by normal standards due to ragged,
mismatched, or inappropriately casual clothing, appearing un-showered, carrying
one or more DIY tools or pieces of gear; crafty; lean and light on his feet;
youthful and agile; sporting an un-even haircut (but not on purpose);
effortlessly handsome and grounded looking; possibly resembling Peter Pan.
"Has he been lost in the wilderness fending for himself for the past 5
days...What's with the knee-length spandex and holey cutoff jeans, old pocket
knife and five-o'clock shadow?"
"Nope, just a lost boy"
"Yeah, a cute one"
by colepole September 11, 2008
Top Definition
Aimless wanderer. Expat who is more or less misfit in his home country. Lost in the world.
"I'm just a lostboy"
by munq March 31, 2009
Any surfer who beleives that he has died, passed heaven, and been reincarnated as a lost boy surfer. Commonly seen listening to dirtrocker punk, trying to score with sluts, and getting disrespected at his local break by an out of town surfer.
Bro..Did you see my spray? Hot Buddy!!! Hot buddy!!! Guttermouth!!!Owwhh!!!
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
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