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A van/car with a multitude of physical and/or mechanical problems.

The exterior contains primer spots, a faded paint job, multiple paint colors on the body, dents, the engine sounds bad, there are missing/rusted body parts, a smoking exhaust system, and chips/cracks in the windshield. On a hot day, one can easily spot a losermobile as the windows will be rolled down due to the broken A/C.

Occasionally you will see a losermobile with a missing window. In its place is usually cardboard and/or duct tape. The bumpers are held on with tape and red tape is used in place of the rear lights. This is also known as the Patch Adams Car.

A losermobile is typically drive by someone who is considered a loser; one who has climbed down the social ladder.
1. That Geo Metro is a total losermobile. It has a white body and black doors, its rear lights are red duct tape, its passenger window is made out cardboard, and both the side view mirrors are missing.
2. I bet the rims on that losermobile cost more than the actual car!
by tcufrog08 April 10, 2008
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