The gay rip-off of GWAR. Claim to had never heard of GWAR as they created their concept during GWAR's MTV hayday.
Lordi is a group of Finnish queers who got groped by GWAR on Maury Povich.
by Guylanda December 31, 2008
An overrated band. The most overrated band since dare I say it...NIRVANA. Pfft Please...Lordi? The best band ever? More like the Cheesiest shit to come out of Finland in years. They sound like a My Chemical Romance-Pantera mix. These guys are terrible and should just simply give up.
Lordi are actually 10x worse than Slipknot. I can't believe people actually like this shitty, cheesy band. wtf?
by Just ­Me July 14, 2006

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