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Any one of a hybrid species of indigestible poisons found in the eastern United States. It typically has the appearance of a half-eaten feces sample encased in regurgitated meatloaf. Although it may appear to be horrid, ugly, violent, and sluggishly stupid, looks in this case are not deceiving in the least. A lorch was last spotted in the United States, where it reportedly tried to defecate upon a rose petal and subsequently fainted of rectal hemmhoraging.
A lorch, upon seeing its reflection in a pond, may suddenly lose its petals and morph into acidic yeast mold.
by malkovish November 09, 2003
To jab someone really hard in the back of the leg in the area behind the knee.
Derek was lorched so hard that he couldn't walk the next day.
by norcher January 16, 2015
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