Cantonese slang that is used to describe someone who has done something idiotic, or to describe something that is stupid. It literally means "stinks", but it is used to mean "stupid".
"That person is so lor; he tripped on his own shoelaces and fell on the street."
"So lor; this event sucks."
"I just embarrassed myself infront of my boss! I'm so lor!"
by yesimafob May 07, 2006
Cantonese slang, used in a very lazy manner.
Deinfation is similar to duh, but in a more lazy manner,
usually added at the end of a sentence
A: What's a pillow
B: The thing you're sitting on lor -_-
by GOREKITTY January 26, 2010
An abbreviation for a Light-O-Rama Christmas Light Controller. It is used to program and control Christmas Lights from you computer.
My home uses LOR to control the Christmas lights

The video of the Christmas display sent to me in email used LOR to control the lights

I spent about 40 hours programing my LOR this week for the display
by roughneck March 29, 2008
The ring that's wrapped around your penis from getting several blow jobs.
"I got so much head that I have this LOR around my dick."
by Slappy Fack & Silent Killa November 30, 2006
LOR and matt are lovers. thanks to her super hot friend mackenzie. LOR is the queen of scene
that scene chick with the king of metal is lor. she is the queen of scene
by Jon February 06, 2005
a cool ass person who is a hobo.....she sits on benches asking ppl 4 money so she can buy booze.....
look at that hobo it must be lor...
by u will nvr noe January 25, 2004
a clan hop of some kind involving differnt alias and or diff person or being
lor has left clan team-modem and joined yaWn lor has left yaWn and joined unknown

lor has quit cs and came back as oli
by Richard Elliot March 27, 2003
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