1. Single Ciggarette
2. Oral sex
After the chickenhead gave me some loosey, I smoked a whole loosey.
by Andrew biatch! April 11, 2004
a marijuana cigarette rolled with a loose leaf sheef of paper. (preferably college ruled)
yo dawg you got a paper? naw yo, lets just roll a loosey.
by johnny lavah February 21, 2005
When you fart and some doo doo accidently comes out.
Johnny and Ricky were bored so they decided to have a farting contest. Johnny let a loosey rip out and he ruined his drawers and pants.
by Dwayne May 04, 2004
yo, it's head man
yo, dat chickenhead just gave me a madd good loosey
by cleopetme March 10, 2004
1. a loose (single) ciggarette.

2. oral sex
1. "I found a loosey in my backpack"

2. "bitch, give me some loosey!"
by MATTYFUN March 10, 2004
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