Loosemoose is a member of the Regentguitars.co.uk forum, and he is a fgt. lolz.
"LoWLZ!1! i r lov teh geetars!1!binary!"

"Byu teh v-amp, si pwnage on a stikc!"

"i em a fgt, lolz"

"Tox si teh pwn!!11"
by Lewis Docherty February 28, 2004
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When you are doing a 69, someone farts and has minor leakage.
They were doing a 69, he farted and some diarhea got on her face.
by Vanessa February 28, 2005
A term used for a promiscuous, overweight woman.
Damn, sounds like a loose moose just walked into the Sizzler.
by sonic8or December 20, 2013
a moose of easy virtue.
opportunist moose of loose morals hence 'loose moose'
by salad dodger August 10, 2012
A hoe who has had sex too much and their vagina is loose.
"Dude! Jess needs to stop flirting with other guys when she has her own boyfriend!"

"I know! She is SUCH a loose moose"
by wtf xAmanda April 19, 2008
I male who is homosexual.
That man is the biggest loosemoose!
by WyattMathews August 23, 2006
The process of buying then selling items in quick succession. Original usage was in regard to musical equipment.
"I've just loosemoose'd a Fedner Tele, made a quick monkey on the deal"

"James was planning on loosemoosing an few old pc's to generate some cash to pay for his he/she manchop operation"
by Sticky March 01, 2004

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