In several 12-step fellowships, it is generally looked down upon and discouraged (not by everyone) to sleep with someone under a year clean, especially if you have over a year clean. The loophole refers to catching the "newcomer" before he/she even gets clean, therefore providing a valid excuse for the incident(s) to be perfectly moral and justified.
Yo man, I'm thinking about trying to fuck Sheila, she's only got like 37 days though..." --"Definitely do it, who gives a shit what people say, that's 37 days too many in my opinion. I just fucked a girl who had zero days a few nights ago, real talk." "Word, that's awesome - you found the loophole.
by pure insistence March 18, 2011
Top Definition
A forgotten condition in a law, agreement, etc. that allows one to interpret and, in conclusion, get around another condition(s).
Dave: Man, I fucken HATE that bitch.

Joe: Calm down, you know we're not allowed to hit girls.

Dave: Who said anything about "hitting". There's no rule against brutally beating with a medival flail. *evil glint* Loopholes rule!

Joe: You sick fuck.
by the pwn3r August 08, 2006
A way around an obstruction that would otherwise keep a person from obtaining a goal. This can apply literally and metaphorically and most often applied when bending the rules.
Person 1: I am not allowed to visit my friend in college because I am not accompanied by an adult.
Person 2: I found a loophole that allows you to go on campus if you see a student advisor.
by Rhodise Wendolyn March 24, 2015
bypassing the bullshit
"No we don't have to wait in line....we know the guy at the gate! Loophole!!!"
by butterflyprincess26 January 23, 2015
When a woman "saves herself" for marriage, but will let jo schmo have anal sex with her. "But, I am still a virgin!"
"She totally lets him hit that loop hole, what a sweet, virgin girl she is."
by Caseyyyyyy May 25, 2007
Something forgotten, and can be taken advantage of. Or be a disadvantage.
person 1: I found a loophole in spider solitary.
person 2: how?
person 1:I played all but 6 cards and i need 7 to use another deck.
person 2:what are you going to do?
person 1:I dunno..
by Commander Keen November 01, 2004
slang for "anus" commonly used by Utah residents
"I'm a Mormon and need to maintain my purity until marriage, but you can stick it in my loophole if you want."
by blackie1829 November 15, 2007
A door with a glowing red exit sign.
Person 1: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah (gossip)... What are you looking at? I'm over here.

Person 2: Oh, just looking for loopholes.
by unstoppable! April 08, 2013

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