basically longdicking is when you fuck a bitch. the one distinction between plain sex and longdicking, is that when you longdick, theres a certain special something sex doesnt have..usually a giant cock or an extreme amount of stamina.
I picked up some girl at the club last night and i was longdicking dat ho for like 3 hours straight till she passed out.
by squidgy April 06, 2006
Top Definition
When you are giving her every inch of that goober.
I was going all the way in, and then I would pull it almost all the way out before re entry. She was like..."Damn baby, I like that longdicking"
by flop dobbins May 18, 2014
When the incoming ECC bends you over and gives you every inch of that long dick.
Josh, I can't believe he's long dicking you again.
by Posa September 24, 2015
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