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A coffee roasting co. that has nothing but hott girls that work there with 'Onion Asses'
Jeff: Dude have you been to 'Thong Bottoms', i mean Long bottoms lately?

Mike: Nah man, y?

Jeff: all the girls there are SO hott! too much Onion Ass! drive a dude crazy!
by Persiandeity March 06, 2008
The act of simultaneously taking a shit, pissing and ejaculating.
Last night I picked up this really hot chick, when I got her home she totally made me longbottom. There was shit and piss everywhere!!
by Richard Cloutier December 25, 2011
Long bottom. Some one with a long dick
Daaamn that nigga gottuh long bottom
by Yuh boy November 18, 2007