The Geography of Long Island

Generally, Long Island becomes less and less dense as you head east. The western border of Long Island is home to towns like Floral Park and Valley Stream, and these towns tend to have a Queens-like feel, smaller, more crowded houses.

In the middle of Nassau County, the western portion of LI, you have towns like Hicksville, Bethpage, and Levittown, famous for it's Levitt houses that were mass produced and quickly sold. Suburban and boring (no offense). In the northern-middle, there are some nice towns like Syosset, Muttontown, Brookville that are really overpriced.

To the South, you have some towns like Baldwin and Freeport that tend to have a higher crime rate. As you head East on the south shore, there are nicer towns like South Merrick and South Bellmore; however they are not really THAT nice, the people who live there just think that they're hot shit because they have an ugly Splanch on .1 acre on top of the house next to them.

To the north, you'll always have gorgeous overpriced houses in towns like Manhasset and Great Neck. The north shore mansions on the water are in places like Kings Point and Sands Point. But the north shore of Long Island is pretty much consistently nice and rich.

However, as you hit Suffolk County, the north shore towns are a bit older, like Cold Spring Harbor, Port Jefferson, Huntington Village, Northport. Very cutesy.

Once again, to the south in Suffolk...not so nice. Wyandanch, Brentwood, parts of Babylon and Bayshore, Central Islip - you don't wanna be there.

In between, there are towns like Dix Hills, Commack, Elwood, Greenlawn, Kings Park and Smithtown which are known for their good school districts. Pretty nice areas to live.

Elsewhere its a lot less dense than it is on the south shore for a while. You then hit middle Long Island, towns like Coram and Medford - big, boring, lots of small shoddy suburban housing. Mastic and Shirley on the south, pretty icky, places like Rocky Point and Shoreham to the north. Generally a depressing and bland part of Long Island.

Then it splits into two forks. At this split is a town called Riverhead. Here we are getting rural, lots of migrant farm workers, poverty, depressing oversized strip malls in the middle of nowhere with 99 cent stores.

People also don't realize that the Hamptons isn't ALL rich. There are obviously the really nice multi million dollar houses, but as you get further away from the water, its still farmland with poor illegal immigrants working and living there. On the north fork its the same thing. A lot of old cute farmhouses though. And a few gems, being nice little areas like Greenport, although I just saw on TV that they're doing a lot of drug busting there.

(by the way, hope i didn't offend anyone, but i'm sure you're all used to it)
long island is somewhat diverse despite what people think
by lawz June 16, 2006
Top Definition
Look- everyone that is dissing Long Island is making some good points. And some shitty ones.

I'm from Syosset, in Nassau. The people here tend to be snobby rich idiots who don't care about anything besides themselves, money, sex, and when the next time they'll get drunk or high is.

What you are WRONG about-

There is not a damn sane person on Long Island that thinks we are part of New York CITY. We are New Yorkers- because we live in New York STATE. Not because we live in the city. Can you call someone from Florida a Floridian? Yep. Then you can call someone from NY a New Yorker.

And all you people that say Long Island, OR New York City is ghetto needs to get a clue. Ghetto's are extreemly poor areas that were overpopulated to an extreeme because the Nazi's forced Jewish people into them. If you think that wearing baggy clothes, speaking inchoherintly and wearing a huge cross on your neck makes you Ghetto- you make me laugh.

Oh, and why do I not find myself a tourist when I go to the City? I'm there about every other weekend, usually for two days and I spend the night. Me and my friends laugh at all the idiots who walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk and stop to point up and go "woah.. look at the giant cup of noodles! Its acutally STEAMING!" We actually saw someone 3 days ago who was looking for the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in Times Square. That was quite amusing.

So.. key points.

-Long Island is NOT part of New York City
-People from LI are still New Yorkers
-Long Island is south of the city, therefore we are NOT upstate. Different region, smartones.
-If you are posting on a website from a COMPUTER, you are NOT ghetto.
Get over youreselves. Quick.
by PushBush(OffACliff) January 04, 2005
A place that is misrepresented by girls from Nassau county.
There are actually decent people on Long Island.
by aqueoustrans January 02, 2005
Wow. I've lived on Long Island my whole entire life, and I'll admit
-yeah there are those morons who think their 'ghetto' and 'gangsta' but not all of us are like that
-I'm a new yorker cause i live in new york STATE. not the city, you fucktards. i think i would know, i live here.
-not everyone here is rich or white. i know plenty of people who are poor and plenty of people who are black.
-no everyone is homosexual, so get over it. seriously, there are gay people here, but not everyone is.
-i have to admit, we do have nice beaches..
-long island is not upstate, thats just retarted to say.
-not all long islanders have the mentality that we're better then everywhere else. yea i like it here, but i dont think im better then anyone else.
-not all the girls are bitches
-just cause you meet a stupid person here, doesnt make everyone else stupid
-go to a place before you judge it.

so yeah, we have a baillion 7-11's and theirs kid's loitering everywhere, but so what? why does it make such a difference to you?
Long island, born and raised.x3
by long island<33 March 12, 2006
All of the people that say it's poor, or ghetto are retarded..and so are the people that say it's rich. like most places, it has it's rich and poor spots. Nobody on Long Island thinks that they're part of the city, so shut up. Long island also isn't considered "upstate" Fucking ignorant bastards. In my eyes, there is upstate, NYC, and then Long Island.
You know if you're from Long Island if you know what King Kullen is.
by jake0029 December 06, 2005
An island about 125 miles in length that is located right outside of NYC's borough of Queens. It consists of both Nassau County and Suffolk County. It is known for Nassau County's beaches and the yocals of Suffolk County.
Whenever I want to get away from NYC, I visit the beach in long island.
by toast455 July 07, 2005
One of THE best places to live... only an hour from the city.. DEF not upstate for all you morons who think that.
Long Island is the shiznit.
by LI princess April 11, 2005
Geographically, a large island formed by glacial till deposited by glaciers in the last ice age. Consists of the suburban counties of Nassau and Suffolk, along with the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, with a total population of around 7 million.

Regionally/Politically, just Nassau and Suffolk counties, the eastern four-fifths of the geographical Long Island, with a population of 2.5 million. This is the most common use of the term.

Until the explosion of suburban development following World War II, Long Island was a geographically diverse region, with beaches, hills, woods, praries (yep), petrified forests (that, too), and small, idyllic fishing and farming villages. Now, the landscape is dominated by suburban towns and unincorporated communities that range in population from a couple hundred to around 50,000 people. Beach resort/bedroom communities like The Hamptons are extremely popular with downstate in the summer months. In addition, Jones Beach is a popular recreational and music venue, while Fire Island is world-famous as a gay mecca and a historic nautical community.
The good:
High quality of life, low crime rate, proximity to New York City, reasonably efficient and reliable public transit, attractive beaches, Splish Splash waterpark.

The bad:
Aging population, rising cost of living, racial segregation, urban sprawl, the necessity of owning a car, beach erosion, increasing problems with gangs, the trashy reputation of some of its younger residents ("lidiots").
by F the Hamptons in the A May 19, 2005
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