Island that extends from Queens to Suffolk County. Covers a large area of multicultural mixes. Suffolk County contains more than just the Hamptons and is not all rich or all poor. It is south and east of NYC. Although two parts of NYC are on the island the whole island is not part of the city. That is like saying Disneyworld is all of Forida, or Boston is the only city in MA.

However it does have the world's Biggest parking lot commonly known as the LIE.

Also some LIers are from NYC but not all and all LIers are New Yorkers.
1: Oh where are you from?

2: Long Island

1: Isn't it dangerous there in the city?

2: I wouldn't know I'm from Suffolk County.

1: Oh the Hamptons.

2: No they are an hour away.

1: Oh. Where are you?

2: Here.

1: Never heard of it.

2: Well it is part of Long Island.
by Island Guy October 29, 2006
when most people think of islands, they think of palm trees, sand, sun and 100 degree weather 365 days a year. but when i think of islands, i think of long island which is my home. you know your from here when :
1. you've snuck into the city using the L.I.R.R and your parents never found out.
2. you tried weed summer going into 9th grade.
3.everytime you go to a different state - you HAVE to hit up every dairy queen/sonic in the area.
4. you remember brett saborhagens.
5. you can't imagine living somewhere without beaches.
6. you associate babylon village with hott lacrosse guys and gilgo beach.
7. you started drinking when you were 12.
8. your idea of a party is getting piss drunk around a fire in your friend's backyard then walking through town making an ass out of yourself.
9. you love the yankees.
10. you've spent 10 bucks at a movie theatre.
11. you straigten your hair everyday of your life.
12. you've gone camping before.
13. you've used the word "legit" in a sentence before.
14. you know that the southshore is the greatest place in the world & the northshore is for rich people.
15. you've seen a concert at nassau colliseam.
16. you can name at least 5 people that have moved to north or south carolina.
long islander - so have you ever been the city?

non long islander- what do you mean?

long islander- like manhatten .

non long islander- oh i think ive driven by there like once.

by jkldskldslksd July 18, 2008
Short for Long Island Iced Tea, a powerful cocktail made with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, sour mix and cola.
(to a bartender) "Yo, A Long Island, please."
by Bill G March 28, 2005
Part of the suburban NY-NJ-CT metropolitan area of 19,000,000 people. Levi town was one of the first incorporated suburbs in the 1940's after the depression and WWII. Now it is primarily dominated by Guido's and Japs. Very segregated compared to other parts of the country I came to realize after living in Florida which

happens to way out as being a little too diverse for me. Many rich wealthy obnoxious towns, many poor ghetto working class towns but overall mostly middle class suburban towns with families. Pretty safe for being in such a populated place. The city is very accessible usually anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Look to buy a

house prepare to spend $500,000 or more for a decent looking home in a nice community. Schools are pretty good and the kids are mostly spoiled or live at home until they are 30 like on VH1'S Frank The Entertainer in a Basement Affair.
Person A: what did you do tonight in Long Island?
Person B: I went to 7-11, Dunkin Donuts and than got wasted and had my friend

drive to Taco bell? you
Person A: The Same it was so much fun.=
by mikejollz March 18, 2010
Absolutely not upstate. There's no hicks, few farms, but there is a lot of money, so you're all right to be jealous.
Long Island girls just do it better.
by Jilll February 26, 2006
One of the best alcoholic beverages ever thought of! Have a few of them and you'll be all set.
I'll have another Long Island please.
by garg June 30, 2005
look at the map, brooklyn and queens are physically part of long island. and it's not upstate, it is the suburbs. i live in the bronx now, its not a huge difference then living in huntington, unless your retarded. you city folk need to chill and wise up.
Long Island is where many of Manhattan's most successful people live.
by ashys December 06, 2005
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