To Londoners the only place that exists in the UK, rather like a city full of the Flat earth society.
Outsider: I live in Wales.

Londoner: You must be made from Dark Matter!
by Don Ludd September 23, 2009
London is officially the richest city in the world. House prices are higher here than anywhere else with the most expensive house being sold in London for around £100 million.
Alwight Geezer, Straight up
by Terry August 12, 2004
An excellent city, just alive and buzzing with many cultures. Very possibly the best city in the world, though often mistaken for the only place (worth seeing anyway) in the U.K. by ignorant foreigners
English person: Have you been to the U.K. before?
Foreigner: Oh yes, I've been to London five times on holiday.
English person: Anywhere else?
Foreigner: No, there's nothing worth seeing outside the M25, it's just a barren wasteland
English person: Ignorant fool. DIE NOW! *pulls out knife and stabs repeatedly*
by Aerowaves May 29, 2006
What some foriegners call England.
"Oh he lives in London"

"What the... i live in Birmingham not London"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
City in England where foreign bank accounts go to die.
A sandwich, potato chips (as Americans know them) and a Diet Coke at a Subway in London cost me the equivalent of US$14.
by JB June 23, 2004
The Capital City of Europe.

Highly populated City, and probably the most cosmopolitan easily-accesible City in the world.
Jim: Hey! Let's go to London!
Ted: Okay!
by NYC-4-LIFE July 07, 2005
Capital of, and easily the largest city in the UK. Host for the 2012 Olympic Games.
At least 52 people died in the bomb attacks in London last week.
by Brendan July 13, 2005
The capital of the world, there is nowhere better, the people are friendly and courtious, there are so many different smells and sounds, u can get almost any type of food u want, its easy to get to different places on the tube, don't get a cab (robbin bastards), we've got thousands of tourist attractions (buckingham palace etc) we've got several great football teams (spurs, arsenal, west ham, chelsea), the crime is not as bad as lots of people say (number 11 on the British crime league table), all in all london is the capital of the universe, to anyone who comes to london and hates it, i feel sorry for u.
London rules, big shout out to all the peoples of the world.
by london123 May 25, 2006

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