laugh out mothafuckin loud
bob says: LOL?
dan says: no bro. LOML
bob says: LOML
#lol #lmfao #rotfl #lolol #haha
by kittygarfunkle2234 August 22, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym for love of my life. A soulmate. Pronounced "Lom-El" Is also referred to as OTLOML which stands for One True Love Of My Life.
Judy is my high school sweetheart and we got married after college. She is my loml.
by toast455 July 05, 2005
Acronym of "Love of My Life"
shes my loml i love her so much
by Haze March 09, 2005
Love of my life. Prounounced...(LOM-UL)
Stephanie is my LOML. I love her more than life itself.
#pet names #acroynms #love #boyfriend #girlfriend
by Capone51 December 10, 2008
Love Of My Life= LOML the ONE person in your life who you truly loved and will always love no matter what.
I broke up with my boyfriend many years ago. He was the LOML and I never got over him, even though I married someone else and had kids and everything.
#love #marriage #enfatuation #heart #romance
by annieoakely120 April 16, 2010
Love Of My Life, typically used my over-exaggerating 14-16 year old girls; tumblr girls
oh my fucking god, that dog is the loml
#loml #love of my life #tumblr girls #tumblr ##loml
by stoptheworld December 04, 2014
Laugh Of My Life
I jumped into a hole to die, but it was 1 feet deep. LOML.
#lol #lmao #lmfao #lool #lawl.
by coolbeansyoucreeps November 14, 2011
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