acronym for "Lyin' On Me". used when someone is not telling you the truth.
Zing Zadan: "I was the high scorer in the basketball game yesterday."
Axis Zadan: "L.O.M."
by Velthoff December 10, 2010
Little Old Man
An 82 year old LOM presented to the ER complaining of Chest Pain and shortness of breath.
by bogus18588 March 03, 2011
Sad and lonely person with no friends (sarcastic abbrv. of Loads of Mates)
Glyn is such a lom, look at him hanging around on his own
by Whippersnapper April 04, 2005
A term originating in the small town of Eden Falls (population: dwindling) to mean any conspiracy, but the "modern" variant in the new (much smaller) town of Eden Falls II is anything and everything.

"LOM kicked the baby!"
"Stop LOMming with each other!"
"LOM me harder, baby! Yeah!"
"Oh, it's already been LOM!"
"LOM you, mother-LOMmer!"
"You want something to LOM with your burger?"
"Let's all go the LOMmy..."
by Vive Murray October 30, 2003
L.O.M-LOM: a state of feeling for someone in-between the extreme of loving and the lesser feeling of just liking someone.

Mainly for those teens who don't want to say 'I love you.' but don't want to sound lame and say 'I like you.' So the middle word, LOM, has been created. It's a long O, by the way.
Scenario One:
Sally-I have to get off the phone.
George-Aight, I love ya hun.
Sally-Uh... yeah... gotta go, bye!

Scenario 2:
Sally- I have to get off the phone now.
George-Aight, peace.
Sally- What, so you don't love me or anything?
George: ... well...

Scenario 3:
Sally-I have to go.
George: aight, LOM ya babe!
Sally- *giggle* Lom ya too hun, 'night!
*sexy hanging up of the phone*
by Eli Dalton July 22, 2004
To just do nothing. Hang out.
I didn't feel like going out so I spent the night lomming around the house.
by Nizzler August 22, 2003
= Laughter of monkeys, a way to not use lol so much..
"Yo Tom is such a dickhead lom"
by Jason Statham Chocolate April 07, 2010

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