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The absolute greatest guild to have ever appeared in World of Warcraft - located on the Smolderthorn server.
Noob 1: "WTF just 1 shotted me?"
Noob 2: "Viper member"
Johnny: "lolvipers!"
by WorldofWarcraft GameMaster June 30, 2009
The single, most understood phrase on the Smolderthorn Realm in World of Warcraft. Qualities include keyboard-turning and in blues. Excuses and changing the subject are forms of deception by its members.
John-"Dude this heroic mech run is full of fail"
Mike-"Who did you pug it with?"
John-"Vipers members"
Mike-"lolvipers, that explains it!"
by Smolderthorn Realm August 27, 2008