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like lolcake, but for fat people
sam 'you have the body of a god, too bad its buddha'

lucy 'LOLPIE'
by erm? April 16, 2009
Pies made of lol. Blueberry, strawberry, and apple pies are obsolete. Lolpies are the best pies ever.
1) Acquire some lol. Dane Cook will NOT help you lol, but Jeff Dunham or SNL might do.
2) Put lol in a pie pan.
3) Cook at 1337º Fahrenheit
4) Eat yer lolpie and lol all night long.

And for you internet speakers,
liek u hve 2 put teh lolpye in teh uven and ten it heetz up nd u cn eet ur lolpyez!!!!!
I eat lolpies every night.
by NicoIsRussianLol May 05, 2008

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