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lolnr - lol not really.

This can be used for people who use lol but dont really mean it, like when you'r having a really boring conversation and you can't really be bothered. This is generally followed by a . to emphasise how little you care.
also see lolrr
Claz says: I'm thinking of dying my hair all of the colours of the rainbow :D
Alz says: Cool, that would be well random!
Claz says: I know and all the boys will think I'm really individual and love me ;)
Alz says: lolnr.
by ilvsc'flab October 21, 2009
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laugh out loud not really if some 1 sends this 2 u ur not funny :P
Person 1:OMG i luv peanut butter
Person 2:lolnr :P
by THE PERSON WRITING THIS October 15, 2009
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