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Lollerboy, also known as lolboy, is phrase used to describe a person who tries to be amusing and fails OR tries to be amusing at someone else's expense.

The word lollerboy comes from 'lol' and 'boy'.
Paul: Hey Mike you avatar is funny
Joe: Yeh, almost as funny as your face!!!11 LOL!
Mike: O_o
Paul: >_>


Paul: How was your day, Mike?
Mike: Ok. Not much happened.
Joe has been added to conversation
Paul: Hey Joe
Joe: OMG i just so totally pwned this guy outside my house!
Mike: How?
Joe: i through a cola bottle at him and then kicked him!!1
Paul: How old was he?
Joe: Dunno, like 8? ^_^
Mike: T_T

As you can see, Joe is a lollerboy.
by PenguinKenny December 11, 2007
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