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A term used to describe something ridiculously funny, such as a bunny being mauled by a German shepherd.
Josh: Yo did you hear about that retard that got pushed down a flight of stairs?

Tom: Lollersk8s that made me smile.
by 1337 house March 27, 2010
57 4
Oh Em Gee, Im lolling on sk8's, well fun, i just beat a granny in the face wen i went past her.
Hey, iv got the new lollers 2000 x turbo, ur a orphan so u have shit ones, fuck u...orphan asshole.
by ...Big Boy March 29, 2005
10 17
Rollerskates that make you laugh.
Hey, enjoying those Lollersk8?
I can't skate!


Does he have insurance?
I think we better go!
by Taeko Hentie April 07, 2006
6 24