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What happens when Master Chief learns of Zelda's Lullaby.
*Arbiter learns Zelda's Lullaby from Impa*

Chief: wut is up w1th th4t s7up1d b17ch and why is she nut in DOA and wut teh fuhk is zelduhs lololololololollaby? sowns ghey.

*Arbiter turns to face Chief*

*Door closes behind Master Chief*

Chief: fuck.
by MachinimistLuke July 02, 2010
Created by Erica in Southern California this word means that something isn't very funny. It's almost like that saying from the 80's "it's so funny I forgot to laugh". You can use it to respond to a boring joke. The word means it's so funny it almost put me to sleep.
Bob: What has four wheels and flies?
Joe: I don't know.
Bob: A garbage truck.
by Erica V. May 12, 2008
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