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Use when one says "okay" to a statement while completely doubting the statement. Usually follows with a scoff.
PersonWho'sHadTooManyRelationships: I'm going to go though this year with no relationships!
Another Person: lolkay.
by JuJSh October 29, 2007
A phrase used to conclude any internet argument argument or text battle in instant victory. there is no possible way to counter it. And a well timed use will guarantee victory in any forum, Facebook, or text fight. It is typically used in reponse to a long, drawn out, and often angry post, and will essentially cause the opponents logic to implode in upon them, no mater how sound their argument may have been.
CoDfan: You are fucking retarded. No matter what you say, there actually IS a great deal of skill involved in playing CoD. I'm getting sick of little 10-year-olds complaining that all you have to do is camp and spray 'n pray. That just further proves the skill gap between Cod players and Halo players. Fuck Halo.

Halofan: Lol kay
by Halofan001 June 07, 2011
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