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1) The act of lolifying (as in worship);

2) The state of being lolified
The lolification of Sasami above other loli is matched only by the equal lolification of Sakura.
by Shirushi Otahime July 05, 2005
To Laugh At Someone When Pain Is Inflicted.
"Oh My God, That Guy So Just Got Punched... Lolification"
by SatanIAm January 23, 2009
lolification, prounounced (lol-if-i-kay-shun)
basically this word is a renewed version of lol but it makes you sound awesome and it's new. It also makes bimbo's sound smart if they think something is funny.

So go ahead peeps, use "lolification" instead of just boring old "lol"
(as a txt) OMFG! dude, gotta check out this video n youtube totes lolification!!

(talking) heyy bub...*man falls down the stairs* HAHAHAHAH! Did you just see that babe! LOLIFICATION RIGHT THERE!
by MisSy_gee May 13, 2011
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