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Derived from the from lolita complex - from Nabokov's novel "Lolita". Lolicom is non-standard, lolicon is preferred (due to the phonology of Japanese allowing for n-endings but not m-endings).

1) (Noun) (Japanese usage) Someone who is attracted to prepubescent girls; a paedophile.

2) (Noun) (Western usage) Hentai (Anime/manga pornography) depicting prepubescent girls.

Note: often the term "lolicom" (like related terms) is misused to refer to pornography of/attraction to infant, adolescent, etc. girls. Strictly speaking, however, the term refers only to prepubescent girls (primarily ages 4-12)
Sense 1:
Person A: Sometimes I go to school sports days to take pictures of the shougakusei..
Person B: You lolicom!

Sense 2:
Person A: Look at this awesome lolicom manga I bought yesterday!
Person B: *fap fap fap*
by baaru February 26, 2009
Branch of hentai pornography which involves child-like figures sporting fully developed breasts. Dervived from Lolita complex.
Look at the norks on that little barbie - pure lolicom
by S.Cook December 21, 2003
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