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a person over obsessed with viewing and/or posting lolicon pics
>>anon wont quit loli gagging in /b/
by necrotted82 February 01, 2009

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An immature act commited by a person.
Person 1: Haha! We set that old lady's hair on fire.
Old Man: Quit your loligagging!
by Kommandant November 25, 2009
a term most commonly used by chuck Norris refering to people who only shows up whenever they wanted to; person who doesn't have a sense of accountability.
Chuck: So Bogz didnt show up tonight?
Dariusjr: yep hes a no show tonight
Pekwang: For reals?
Chuck: thats like a slap in the face. he needs to stop fucking loligagging around.
by Envy182 February 02, 2011