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A frame of lols around a word or sentance, which generally either conveys amusement or stupidity, depending on who reads it. Can be either typed or spoken, although the latter is much, much worse.
"Lol I totally failed that quiz lol."
"Dude, don't even type a lolframe, let alone say it."

>lol i lyke h8 her lol
>m8, total lolframe, moron

by Captain Peroxide November 24, 2007
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Where a "lol" is placed at the beginning and end of a word or sentence. Despite the user's intentions for this to sound hilarious, the use of a lolframe usually conveys stupidity. Can be used online, or, in extreme cases, in real life conversation.
sw33tchic113: lol i think he lyke lykes me lol
s3ns1bleguy65: don't lolframe me, you sound like an idiot

chrldr69: lol lame lol
avrgjoe97: wow I thought you were smart but you just lolframed me
by captainperoxide December 08, 2007

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