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Finding something so funny that it causes you to laugh to the point of tears.

This word is often used by Adrenalize (other aliases include Dren, Styx_Chick, and Styxy.) in the unoffical Pokeplushies chatroom.
Person 1: I asked my friend if he gives Axl Rose for free. He said he does!
Person 2: LOLFEST!
by Adrenalize December 27, 2008
8 7
3 or more lolz in a shot period of time
sarah:this is a lolfest
by kraven August 29, 2005
29 16
lolfest: in a situation where a mere lol would be inadiquet so insted uses lolfest to mean something is worthy of a festival of lol's
A: so dude did you find my joke funny?
B: yeah it was totally lolfest
A: huh????
B: it was hilarious to a scale where i would dedicate a festival of lol towards it
by TommzyB January 31, 2010
9 4
Short for laugh out loud festival. An abbreviation for four words for people that can't speak properly.
Oh my God that was such a laugh out loud festival...or a lolfest!
by JulietsBoss December 06, 2011
0 2