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Adrenalize is an album by the English heavy metal group Def Leppard, released in 1992. The album was dedicated to Steve Clark, one of the guitarists for the band, who passed on in 1991. The song "White Lightning", track #5 on the album, is about Steve.

Adrenalize is the only album which features Def Leppard as a four piece, instead of the usual five. A new guitarist wasn't brought in to do Steve's guitar parts. Instead, fellow Leppard Phil Collen mimicked Steve's playing style.

This album featured the now hit song "Let's Get Rocked", one of Def Leppard's more popular songs.
I managed to find a copy of "Adrenalize" on vinyl the other day.
by Adrenalize December 26, 2008
Finding something so funny that it causes you to laugh to the point of tears.

This word is often used by Adrenalize (other aliases include Dren, Styx_Chick, and Styxy.) in the unoffical Pokeplushies chatroom.
Person 1: I asked my friend if he gives Axl Rose for free. He said he does!
Person 2: LOLFEST!
by Adrenalize December 27, 2008
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