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3 or more lolz in a shot period of time
sarah:this is a lolfest
by kraven August 29, 2005
lolfest: in a situation where a mere lol would be inadiquet so insted uses lolfest to mean something is worthy of a festival of lol's
A: so dude did you find my joke funny?
B: yeah it was totally lolfest
A: huh????
B: it was hilarious to a scale where i would dedicate a festival of lol towards it
by TommzyB January 31, 2010
Finding something so funny that it causes you to laugh to the point of tears.

This word is often used by Adrenalize (other aliases include Dren, Styx_Chick, and Styxy.) in the unoffical Pokeplushies chatroom.
Person 1: I asked my friend if he gives Axl Rose for free. He said he does!
Person 2: LOLFEST!
by Adrenalize December 27, 2008
Short for laugh out loud festival. An abbreviation for four words for people that can't speak properly.
Oh my God that was such a laugh out loud festival...or a lolfest!
by JulietsBoss December 06, 2011
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