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An orgasm of lol's.
Lol = laugh out loud.
Bob: knock knock
Joe: who's there?
Bob: I eat mop
Joe: I eat mop who?
In the event where a person laughs out very loud, exploding orgasms of lols.
Guy 1- See that guy? He's had an orgasm.

Guy2- What kind of orgasm?

Guy1- A lolergasm!


Guy1- Now you have lolergasm!

Random Old Guy- Lolergasm is contagious!
by Torcidas September 24, 2006
1) When someone laughs so much, he/she orgasms.
2) When someone is laughing during orgasm.
AHAHAHHA omg i think i just lolergasmed!
by Zefiris November 13, 2007
"Loling" to the point of tears and breathlessness.
I saw a funny movie that I lolergasmed in the usher made me leave.
by Aligator93 July 29, 2009
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