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Abbreviation for "Laughing Out Loud In Real Life." It is used over the internet to express that you aren't just laughing on the internet, but in real life as well.
Kenneth: I failed my Spanish test today.
Julian: lol irl
by Kenneth B. April 06, 2005
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'laught out loud, in real life'

Since people type 'lol' at only slightly amusing things, that did not actually provoke genuine laughter, people now type 'lolirl' to signify that they genuinely laughed out loud, in real life. Nerds.
A:<funny statement x>
by Reeh July 06, 2005
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to laugh out loud in real life.

usually when people say lol they are not laughing irl, but when you say lol irl, you are laughing really in real life.
Maggie: Knock knock
Annie: Who's there?
Maggie: YO MAMA
Annie: OMG I just snorted and spit out my coffee! lol irl.
by sexygayboy March 06, 2010
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