to be between like and love
"I loken you, Marcus"
by *~*eMMaLYne*~* June 02, 2004
Top Definition
To smoke a blunt and chill afterwards.
That la la la i be smokin, be gettin me right i be loking, them bullshit trees you be rollin, barely give you a buzz, me i get high.......50 Cent on his "Get Rich Or Die Trying." album
by kristin April 05, 2005
A loser who lives on welfare, or unemployment, who spends his time smoking pot, drinking, and avoiding work. Also known to fake injury or sickness to get work comp or SSI.
What's Steve been up to lately?
Just being a Loken, you know he's on that Government check from welfare I hear.... Got the "fibromyalgia" ya know....
by pjlent October 31, 2010
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