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someone with a fetish for coining new terms concerning human sexuality. After roughly a decade, 1994-2005, of being tickled by hearing new terms like metrosexual, pomosexual, and ubersexual, urbanites and cyberliterati realized that such neologisms had become phenoms themselves, frequently appearing with citations referencing who had coined them and when. (Mark Simpson coined metrosexual in 1994, while Queen and Schimel popularized pomosexual in 1997, and O'Reilly, Matathia, and Salzman coined ubersexual in 2005.) Thus, the race was on for fame and glory--to coin every plausible permutation using the suffix "-sexual." For some, it's become a fetish... the "logosexuals," or "neologosexuals."
Now he's a logosexual, marrying every prefix he can think of with the suffix "-sexual" to coin a new word describing some specific aspect of human sexuality.
by R. Leggio August 15, 2007
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