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A purported erection, often linked to inappropriate stimuli.

The act of having of achieving a loggy.

(NB: can also be spelt "loggie".)
"I'm gonna put my loggy inside you now."
"Check out Alex's loggy over Charlie!"
"Phwoar, she makes me loggy!"

"Shit dude, I'm totally loggin' right now!"
"Are you loggin' it?"
by Alex Helmn May 14, 2008
90 13
its when u pretty much get fu*ked over or screwed
When you go to a school and then you find out you cant play hockey after you have been to a month of practices and u have to stay with sprinkles
by Muscles October 13, 2004
13 77
an exteremly ugly individual
also known as the untouchable
Daayaam, that guy over there, he's such a Loggy
by iapologizeforthesummertime January 31, 2008
7 75
Bend over like a doggy, here comes the loggy (i.e. Trey Spiller getting grounded, or getting screwed over in cards) Trey is the true definition of the LOGGY
Ronald Loggy Spiller III
by sprads October 11, 2004
8 76