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urethral penetration with dildo for pleasure, torture, or other various reasons
"That guy deserves a log jammin' sesion for being such an ass at my wedding last Saturday"

"Ooooohhh, my woman just gave me a log jammin!"
by schwany August 27, 2006
10 23
1. The act of "jamming log" also known as Sex, Coitus, or the Physical Act of Love.
2. The act of jamming a wooden log into a wet hole.
3. The fake pornographic film that Tara Reid's character "Bunny" appears in, in the movie "The Big Lebowski".
I'm tired as hell bro. I was up all night with Susan, logjammin that ho. She's walking with a limp today.
by delta foxtrot May 04, 2008
105 14
the process in which a male jamz his log, also known as a really hard boner into a cavity in which it is not well suited. such as a super duper tight anus hole.
last night my boyfriend went log jammin and I can barely hold my "mud" today.
by webster-d December 24, 2008
32 14