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A loddy is a Scottish slang for a young man / boy.
"My neighbours loddy is a rowdy one"
by Martin Lang November 24, 2007
used sarcastically. An annoying ass way of saying "a lot," and usually indicating the opposite. Can be used in a more serious tone.
Guy1: "Dude! did you see that sweet ass snipe!?"
Guy2: Yeah, that was loddy sweet bro.(indicating that Guy2 is not amused and the snipe was not sweet.)
by Xytan November 01, 2007
a badass soldier in the army.
Loddy took down five terrorists then chugged a sam adams.
by Korrin August 08, 2008
The in-between word of "like" and "love" normally used in the beginning stages of a relationship or in the courtship to mean that someone romantically likes someone but does not love them.
Girlfriend: Do you love me?
Boyfriend: No, you stupid bitch, we have been going out ofr three hours but I do loddy you.
by Pancake Arnold February 10, 2007