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A person male or female that wears a lock or locked charm, upon the wrist, most typically their left. (In countries, such as, the USA ,and the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, it is generally worn on the wrist of the left hand, in recognition of how one would wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand )

To symbolize and/or acknowledge the wearers heart or relationship status is not free either by choice or emotion (i.e heartbreak, loss of a loved, grieving the lose of a relationship, emotional distress etc). This practice is slightly similar and has roots to the usage of Irish Claddagh ring.

Alternates of the term: locked wrist

lock on wrist
locking the wrist
locked my wrist
Guy 1: Hey check out the hot girl at the bar, you should go talk to her.
Guy 2: Dude, see the locked wrist , she totally unavailable.

I dated bobby for a whole month and he cheated on my and broke my heart. Then a week later he tried to get back with me and I almost bought his bullshit. And mow to make sure that can never happen I locked my wrist , so i just need to see it and remember hes a total scumbag/

After my divorce, it just seemed natural to have a locked wrist, it was just to painful to think about moving on right now.

The months after we buried Ann, looking down to see my wedding band wasn't something that helped, a friend suggested , I consider removing it but that didn't feel quite right to be bare when my heart wasn't free. I had never heard of the concept of a locked wrist and of course was skeptical, but now I wear a stainless steel ID bracelet with an engraved lock on one side and Ann's name on the other, it helps me cope.
by Galafriel April 14, 2014
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