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The period after a special event ends when the crews get to work tearing down their equipment and evacuating the venue within a certain time period.
"Room's clear! Go Load-Out! We have to be out of this room in 3 hours!"

"Did you hear about the last hotel Load-Out? I can't believe they got 6 trucks of gear out so quick!"

"I am NOT looking forward to this Load-Out."

"When was this event supposed to end? We should have been Loading-Out an hour ago!"
by DarkWolfe5 April 03, 2010
Equipment, ammunition, tools, and clothing used by a person (typically on active duty in the armed forces).

Loadouts can change depending on time of day, season, terrain, and personal preference.
That marine has a sweet looking loadout.
by gnatticus August 23, 2008
The operation defining the loading of equipment for a certain purpose such as a military movement of equipment from one port to another.
The military loadout was carried out at the same time from several ports.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003