To lo2: an Egyptian verb meaning going to el lo2lo2a, an oriental cafe in Alexandria.
Will we lo2 today?
by hambaka July 21, 2010
Top Definition
Very much used in scandinavian counter-strike public servers. The three letter acronym "lo2" means LOTTO. This is to let somebody know that they have a very lucky/random aim.
Player killed Celicrodi@promode
Celicrodi says: lo2!!
*Spec*Tata says: you idiot he had an AWP how could that have been a lo2 shot?.
Admin kicked Celicrodi
Reason: Whining is not allowed you loser.
by Tata November 20, 2004
A very new way of saying lol. Commonly used on english and german Counter-Strike servers. The 2 does not make any sense whatsoever, the missing l is a type. Due to the utter stupidity expressed through this term it might be part of the leet-speaking system (1337). Belongs together with <3 and pld.
Used by very cool people only.
Fag1: korittke, you cheater, you just killed 5 ppl with just a scout and an usp.
Fag2: ban that mofo
korittke: lo2. pld u noobs <3.
by Korittke March 12, 2004
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