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acronym for "lick my taint"
Guy 1:Fuck you!
Guy 2:LMT
by Alan McGinley May 15, 2007
Let me think; to think about it
hmmmm. . . lmt about it. i dont know right now.
by anonymous December 30, 2004
Licensed Massage Therapist
Here, let me give you a massage. I'm an LMT
by Cougarprey25 June 26, 2011
Meaning "lick my twat". It's an inside term used in the same effect as SMD (suck my dick). An effeminate but derrogative term used to describe cunnilingus.
Then I saw Kiki and she was like "oh hey man" and i was all like yeah ...... LMT
by Black hymen and Alley cat April 02, 2013
Little more than that
Can be used to tell someone they didn't give you enough credibility, enough sprinkles on your ice cream, enough time in the bathroom, etc.
Person 1: Do you have to pee?
Person 2: LMT
by Incredible_Chemical June 27, 2010
Lick my twat, or lick my tits/titties
"Gimme five dollars"
"LMT bitch"
by Raw Faith January 09, 2010

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